Selling Real Estate in Cape Ann

Let Me Help You Sell Your Property

Seller Guide

Whether you’re upgrading, right sizing or moving for work selling a home can sometimes be a daunting, time consuming process. My goal as an exclusive listing agent when I represent you and your home is to make this potentially difficult time for you as easy as possible.

    • Prepare your home. While it’s often a bad idea to go through any major home renovation projects that don’t add significant square footage, it’s a wise idea to do a thorough deep cleaning of your property, get some serious lawn work done or make some relatively minor cosmetic changes. Even if it means hiring some professional assistance in the form of a housekeeping or lawn management service.
    • Interview your real estate reprentation. When interviewing real estate brokers, it’s a wise idea to not only consider their local expertise, but their recently closed transactions. Is your broker experienced in your neighborhood? How many years experience do they bring to the table? Do you feel you’ll be able to communicate with them? For most Americans, the sale or purchase of a home will often be the largest purchase they’ll make in their life time. It’s important to hire someone who will not only have the expertise to sell your home, but you will get along well with. I’ve represented many exclusive listings in my career as a Cape Ann area real estate professional and I can help guide you through the process of selling your property.
    • Setting the price. When listing your home, a skilled real estate broker will assist you in determining the market value. This process may involve taking a look at similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold, considering any improvements you’ve made and the overall condition of the property and where the market is headed.
    • Maintaining your property. After your property is listed, you may have public or broker open houses and showings. Because of this it is important to ensure that your home is always ready to go. This may involve a little more work tidying up or hiring a house cleaning service to maintain your home in a pristine condition.
  • Marketing your property. Once a home is prepared for the market place, an asking price has been set and you’re ready to proceed, it’s time to market your property.