Buying Real Estate in Cape Ann

Let Me Help You Buy Your Dream Home

You might be ready to purchase a home financially, but there’s a lot more to buying real estate on Cape Ann than just numbers and budgeting (but those are very important, too!) Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, experienced owner, investor or somewhere in between I can assist you throughout the entire home buying process.

Throughout my career in real estate I’ve worked with a lot of home buyers, from beginners to those with multiple properties. I know buying real estate can sometimes be a daunting, time consuming process. It’s my goal as your real estate representation to make this decision as easy and painless as possible. So I’ve prepared a brief outline of things you may want to consider during your home buying journey.

    • Getting preapproved for a mortgage. Getting preapproved for a mortgage is a critical first step in your home buying journey. A mortgage preapproval will allow you to refine your home search to only the homes that apply to your financial situation and help you determine just how much of a monthly payment you’re prepared to commit to.
    • Utilize a real estate professional. Although the internet makes some aspects of finding your dream home much easier than it was in years past, a good real estate broker has access to resources and networks that you might not necessarily have access to otherwise.Market analysis is also a tricky business. A skilled real estate broker will be able assist you in securing a price that may not have been available to you had you opted to represent yourself in the transaction through market research.A good real estate broker will also have a wealth of information on the market you’re purchasing real estate in, they may be able to help guide you to a neighborhood that fits your budget and needs.
    • Consider taxes. Every town has its own unique tax rate, which will influence the amount of money you’ll be spending on your home throughout the year. While you may have your heart set on a particular town, a skilled real estate broker may be able to assist you in finding similar neighborhoods with lower tax rates.
    • Explore the neighborhood. Many think this should go without saying, but neighborhood selection is an important process. Are you more of a Beverly Farms person or a Gloucester person? Is Essex the right town for you? Or maybe Ipswich? Even within towns, smaller communities do exist that do vary greatly.Things to consider when looking for a new home include:
      • Proximity to work
      • Quality of schools
      • Access to public transportation
      • Tax rate
  • Get a home inspection. Regardless of if you’re buying a brand new home or a fixer upper, it’s important to invest in a home inspection once you feel you’ve found a home that may be right for you. A skilled home inspector will allow you to detect defects in the home that may be deal breakers, help you secure a lower closing price or give you peace of mind.

Buying Real Estate in Cape Ann?

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